Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History of Marriage

I thought that article was very interesting and informative. I thought it was interesting that marriage evolved from one arranging one another's marriage to someone being able to decide on marriage for themselves. I never really thought about how far back marriage went and how important it was in ancient cultures like in Greece and Rome.

After learning about the history of marriage in ancient Western civilizations, I think that marriage as a whole is completely different now. I think that marriage in ancient times was more of a way of life. During the ancient time period a woman or man knew who they were going to marry at a very young age because the marriages were arranged. Nowadays people can decide early on that they never want to get married and thus never have to worry about it again if they chose not to. I feel that marriage was more serious long ago because of the fact that it was automatically apart of one's life. The marriage tradition of present day is that people have the option of whether to get married or not.

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