Monday, September 5, 2011

Conservatis v.s. Democrats

I think that this statement is fairly true to a certain extent. Out of all those reasons for breaking up I think that abortion is the hardest one to deal. I think that would be one of the hardest things to discuss with your spouse, especially if you both had opposing beliefs. Abortion should certainly be one of the topics discussed when it comes to deciding whether to have kids or not. I think another topic that is difficult to overcome is economic insecurity. Some solutions for couples with this problem are going back to college which is tough because one doesn't have much time to make money. Another solution for a husband or wife might be moving to another location for a better job opportunity. This is difficult on a family because moving might be a positive decision for the wife but not for the husband. I don't think any of the ideas mentioned by Whitehead are weak at all because they all happen to families today. I think that all of these ideas have the worst affect on the kids in the family. After a kid experiences a divorce of his or her parents I think that he or she gets a new perspective of marriage as a whole. A kid who's parents don't get divorced will often think that marriage is a positive thing. Compared to a kid who's parents get divorced he or she may think that marriage isn't a crucial part to life. I believe that marriage isn't a necessity whatsoever but can be a very positive thing.

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