Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Gay Marriage Debate

      After reading the article A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage I learned that the gay marriage debate is about the fight for same-sex marriage. I think that Bronski makes some very good points in the article. He explained how those of the same-sex shouldn't be fighting for same-sex marriage rights. He believes that those who want marriage equality won't be any happier if it were to go through. I agree with what he is saying. If you look at the divorce rate now it is around 50 percent. If those of the same-sex were granted the same marriage rights I don't think the divorce rate would suddenly improve. Bronski makes another great point when he describes the high rates of spouse and child abuse and adultery that take place in heterosexual marriages. He makes the point that why wouldn't these things still occur within a homosexual marriage.

     My position on the issue is that same-sex marriage should be legalized everywhere. I think this because I don't think that gays and lesbians should be treated differently. So I think it is a good thing when it comes to the discrimination side but when it comes to the "happiness" factor I don't think things will change. Whether people are homosexual or heterosexual everyone is human and problems are bound to occur.


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