Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AIDS Epidemic

         The way that the United States handled the AIDS epidemic was much different then how Uganda and Thailand did. The United States faced the issue in a much more passive way than the other countries. Instead of ignoring the whole situation Uganda and Thailand thought of ways to help the situation. Americans were force to jump to conclusions after hearing about HIV/AIDS, because of lack of communication by the head governing body of the United States.

          From what I can tell from the video we watched in class the United States didn't handle the AIDS problem very well. I think that when people began hearing about all of deaths occurring they immediatley started looking for people to blame. People began making ignorant assumptions such as not wanting Hemophiliacs to go anywhere near their children. You can't completely blame people for these assumptions however because people were not educated properly about HIV/AIDS. President Ronald Reagan refused to mention AIDS for a number of years and this caused people to think the worse.

           I think that places like Uganda and Thailand handled the AIDS epidemic in a much more proactive way. Instead of somewhat ignoring the issue like the United States did, Uganda looked at it as an issue that needed solving. Uganda came up with a method known as the ABC method. This stood for Abstinence, Be faithful to one partner, and encouraging use of Condoms. Instead of feeling cut out from the disease the people of Uganda did what they could to prevent it.

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