Wednesday, October 12, 2011

English Videos

       The first video talks about what a summary is. A summary can be short or long, whichever is necessary. In a summary you have to use your own words and if you don't it's considered quoting. In order to make it a summary it can't be the same length as the original text because then it is considered paraphrasing. One of the key elements to a summary is that you only use facts and descriptions not your opinion.

        When using keywords in a library database you have to think of words that will actually be in the article your looking for. When using keywords you should only use two to four words because that will cause a more limited and helpful search.

          Citations are very important to any research paper. Without citations people will not be able to trust that your information is true. Citing a source also makes shows that you are a responsible person. Not giving someone credit for the information they spent time researching and writing is wrong. Citing a source shows that you have respect for the publisher and your teacher.

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